About Us

Welcome to NISIA Jewels, a company where every ‘jewel-piece’ is crafted to be a masterpiece in a class of its own.

The brain child of Jagdish Nandlal in India, a branched out jewellery brand from Nandlal Kishindas & Sons (NK) (VNK Bangles). NISIA is power-driven by the strength of over six decades of experience and expertise in the jewellery industry. NISIA is about the magnificence of design, NISIA represents fine elegancy – NISIA is about uniquely made exclusive jewellery.

NISIA’S luxurious jewellery designs are classic, trendy and contemporary which exudes universal beauty making our jewellery highly popular in all cultures among the young and old alike.

By creating concord between elusive craftsmanship and new-age technology, we design exquisite designs that rise above tradition and trend.

Acclimatizing the cornerstones of Quality, Finesse and Luxury, NISIA Jewels is a gleaming testament to achievement, a distinctly different brand evolving exuberant art.